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What is Live Link 365?

Live Link 365 is a communication platform as a service (CPaaS) which leverages robust delivery technology to provide affordable, scalable, and global messaging solutions and best in class SMS management.

Live Link 365 is based on easy-to-use APIs and thus enables developers and business owners to go live with messaging and other services faster. The service simplifies the last mile of connectivity while being able to connect to its global interconnect services.

Live Link 365 includes the easy-to-use Live Link 365 APIs, which allow you to build your own local or cloud applications to send SMS messages and two-factor authentication tokens. The services are based on fully RESTful APIs that enable programmers to connect their apps and systems in Java, JavaScript, Python, C# or other languages very quickly.

To complement the API, Live Link 365 also includes a portal that allows you to manage users and login credentials, and to analyze your account's flow of messages.