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Delivery Statuses

Receiving ACKs

Live Link 365 will notify you when a message you sent's delivery status changes. It will do so by sending POST requests, containing relevant information on the delivery status, to the status callback URL you previously set up. You can configure this URL within your Live Link 365 account's configuration settings.

For more information on setting up callback URLs, please visit this site's Callbacks section

Status Callback Body

When Live Link 365 notifies you of a delivery status change, your endpoint at the configured URL will receive a POST request with a JSON body including the message's order ID, its delivery status, and at what time its status changed.

Acknowledgement Contents

You can decide what kinds of information about the delivery of SMS messages should come in the ACK POST requests you receive. For example, if you would like the ACK data to include the sending operator's ID, then you would add the "ackOperatorId": true key-value pair to the JSON body of the send SMS request. Likewise, if you would like the country code of the recipient to appear as well, you would need to add "ackCountryCode": true to the JSON body.

Below is an example of an ACK payload including the aforementioned information.

Selecting ACK info to Receive

Please refer to this site's Send SMS section's JSON body table for more information on the types of information you can request to come in the Acknowledgement payload

  "messageId": "1234567890",
  "recipient": "+1.........0",
  "operatorId": 433,
  "countryCode": "US",
  "message": "Message 1 of the order 1234567890 at destination of +1.........0 has been sent at 14:37:48 (GMT) on the 07-02-2020.",
  "status": "DELIVERED"
Property Value
messageId The message's order ID, i.e., a unique identifier for the message that was requested to be sent.
recipient The destination number in E.164 format, i.e. it starts with a "+" sign which is followed by the country code and then followed by the number itself. Example US number: +11234567890
operatorId Unique identifier for the operator network that sent the SMS message
countryCode Code for the country associated to the phone number that received the SMS message
message String that describes the message's delivery status. It varies depending on the specific status the message just went through. For example, for a SENT status the message would be: "Message 1 of the order #orderId at destination of #msisdn has been processed at #time"
status The status of the message. Values can be:
  • SENT: Messaging Gateway processed the message
  • DELIVERED: Message sent to cellular network operator
  • RECEIVED: Operator sent message to handset device
  • ERROR: Message not delivered successfully

Error Statuses

If you encounter any error statuses, please refer to this site's SMS Troubleshooting section for more information on negative acknowledgements and on retiriable and non-retriable statuses