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Incoming Replies

SMS Callbacks

Live Link 365 will notify you when it receives an MO (Mobile Originated) response to an SMS message you sent in the past. It will do so by sending POST requests, containing relevant information on the SMS replies received, to the reply callback URL you previously set up. You can configure this URL within your Live Link 365 account's configuration settings.

More on Callbacks

For more information on setting up callback URLs, please visit this site's Callbacks section

Incoming Reply Callback Body

When Live Link 365 notifies you of a reply, your endpoint at the provided URL will receive a POST request with a JSON body including the reply message, who sent it, and at what time it was received.

  "message": "Test Message",
  "messageId": "1234567",
  "msisdn": "+1........8",
  "originatingAddress": "8........7",
  "parameters": {
    "accountId": "3...4",
    "dcs": "7b",
    "keyword": "STOP",
    "messageClass": "1",
    "messageId": "9........0",
    "operator": {
      "code": {
        "mcc": "N/A",
        "mnc": "N/A"
      "standard": "GSM"
    "receivedServiceNumber": "1...1",
    "receivedTime": {
      "Date": "Sat, 22 Apr 2017",
      "Time": "01:52:28"
    "udh": "050"
  "receivedTime": "2017-04-22T01:52:28"
Property Value
message The message body
messageId Unique identifier for the send-message request (order ID)
msisdn Phone number that sent the reply in E.164, i.e. it starts with a "+" sign which is followed by the country code and then followed by the number itself. Example US number: +11234567890
originatingAddress Phone number that received the reply
parameters Object holding properties from accountId to udh below
accountId Unique identifier for the user account within Live Link 365
dcs SMS message encoding. Possible values include: 7b and UTF8. UTF8 encoded message bodies will come in hexadecimal format
keyword The string that was used to parse the message's content. Not included if MO message wasn't parsed
messageClass Received type of short message. There arefour possible values: 0, 1, 2, and 3
messageId Specifies the Live Link 365 unique identifier for the MO message. Used to detect duplicates. Given in decimal format
operator Object containing code and standard properties below
code Object containing mcc and mnc properties below
mcc Operator's mobile country code. N/A if none
mnc Operator's mobile network code. N/A if none
standard Mobile operator's standard. Possible values are: GSM, GSM_1900, GSM_1800, GSM_3G, FIXED_LINE, CDMA, TDMA, IDEN, PCS, UMTS, AMPS, UNKOWN, and N/A
receivedServiceNumber Service number sent by mobile operator
receivedTime Oject containing Date and Time properties below
Date Date of MT receipt. Format: Ddd, dd Mmm yyyy
Time Time at which MT was received. Format: hh:mm:ss
udh UDH sent by mobile subscriber in hexadecimal format. Property not included when none
receivedTime Date and time when MO was received. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh-mm-ss