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HTTP Responses

The table below outlines the different HTTP response statuses that the version 2 SMS API endpoint returns for different message sending results:

Status Description
200 Message was sent without problems
201 Message order was created but not sent
401 Unauthorized, authentication with Live Link 365 failed and message was not sent
403 Forbidden, you may not send requests to the Live Link 365 endpoint regardless of authentication
404 The endpoint was not found

Notification Statuses

Apart from HTTP statuses, Live Link 365 also receives different kinds of notification statuses depending on the success, failure, or pending state of a sent message. The table below describes these statuses and provides a description for each of them:

Status Description
Temporary Positive Notification Indicates an interim delivery notification, meaning the message was sent from Live Link 365 to an operator, but a final delivery confirmation is still outstanding
Final Positive Notification When the message has been delivered, a Final Positive Notification is returned
  1. by the operator SMS-C (if no Handset ACK was requested or the operator doesn't support Handset ACK) or
  2. by the mobile phone (if a Handset ACK was requested).
In either case, the status is final and no additional notifications are received for that message
Temporary Negative Notification Returned when Live Link 365 is attempting a retry on a previously failed message delivery. Customers should expect a final status to be sent at the conclusion of the retry process, whether positive or negative. Until a final status is received, customers should not initiate their own retry, as it could potentially result in duplicate messages arriving at the handset
Final Negative Notification Returned when Live Link 365 could not deliver a particular message and will not attempt a retry. The returned status code indicates if a retry is possible. If so, customers can initiate a retry themselves. No additional notifications are sent after a Final Negative Notification

Error Codes

Error codes are returned when a message could not be delivered to its final destination. Depending on the impediment, Live Link 365 will return either a Retriable or a Non-Retriable status along with specific error codes which correspond to particular impediments.

Retriable Status

A Retriable status means that Live Link 365 will allow and/or advise the customer to retry message delivery, although Live Link 365 itself will not attempt the retry.

Below is a table of error codes related to a Retriable status

Code Description
DB62 Temporary Operator Network error. Suggested retry scheme is to retry after 1 min, 1 hour, and 1 day after receiving this status code.
DB65 The operator SMSC was not able to deliver the message within its Validity Period
DB78 End-user has no credit. Resend the message once end-user has topped up their account. You may want to send a free end-user message to him or her, as a reminder

Non-Retriable Status

A Non-Retriable status means Live Link 365 disallows or advises the customer to not retry message delivery. The below tables details the error codes associated to Non-Retriable status:

Code Description
4524 It could mean:
  • The end-user has requested not to be sent any SMS. MSISDN should be removed from the database.
  • If premium SMS, Live Link 365 blocks messages sent to an operator not configured for the account. Check that your account's phone number is correct and valid.
  • The destination operator is blacklisted or not supported.
    4503 Live Link 365 Platform hasn't found any operator associated to the MSISDN. Check that MSISDN is correct
    DB05 The operator has blocked the message. This is not a network error but an explicit answer from the operator SMSC platform. For example, it can be received when the end-user has reached his or her monthly/daily usage limit
    DB76 Customers must immediately stop the service provided to this MSISDN. This code can be due to a user explicitly requesting to be barred from Premium services (i.e., corporate mobile phone contracts) or because of using adult content or recycled numbers. Failure to remove subscriber can result in punitive fines, short code cancellation, or even legal action
    DB52 This is a final status code, meaning there was a network error and the Live Link 365 Platform received a final error code. No retry is recommended as the same error is most likely to occur
    DB99 Unknown MSISDN or ported number